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Download pair POPCheck

    pair POPCheck is designed to connect to, and disconnect from, your POP3 server.  A countdown timer showing time since disconnect is a feature.  If you don't know why you would need this, you probably don't need POPCheck. POPCheck will connect to and disconnect from your POP3 server on a specified interval. The countdown timer can be displayed alone as a small clock (two display versions). Optionally, one can remain connected and check e-mail related information including number of messages, header content, and/or actual e-mail message content. POPCheck also includes a small SMTP client for sending email.  POPCheck is not designed to be a full email client!  

     pair POPCheck is designed to small and transportable.  Although there is an installation file, if you want to take pair POPCheck on the road just copy the pairpopcheck.exe and popcheck.RES to a floppy and it will run fine from there.

    Features in Phase 1 include:

     If you have any questions contact me at AmD@WhiteCrow.net.  Thanks.  AmD


Download pairPOPcheck!